First Front

With the first breeze
That breaks the hold
Of Tyrant Summer’s
Still, oppressive heat,
I know the time is near
To reawaken
From deep but restless lethargy
And reach my soul
Into the Autumn nights.
I’ll sing the song
Of sharp breath
And quickened pace,
Alive again
After Summer’s hibernation.
I’ll move in crisp dance
With Autumn wind
That lifts my spirit high
To swirl with the turning leaves
Which, freedom found,
Race across the sky and ground,
Jubilant with movement
And drunk with color.
They, and I, will chase the constellations
As the Time turns ‘round
To end, begin,
And turn celestial dancers
Through the dance again.

Autumn At Last

Autumn weather has finally arrived in Medicine Park, with brisk air painting a tinge of color on the trees by the lake.  Here at Vagabondartist Studio, I’m offering Holiday Paint Parties – a chance for people to relax and enjoy themselves while painting snowflake silk scarves.


Coming Back Home to Medicine Park

I grew up playing and hiking in the mountains of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge.  After living away from this area for many years, I have returned to southwest Oklahoma and the mountains I love. Now, living next to Lake Lawtonka near Medicine Park on the edge of the wildlife refuge, and opening Vagabondartist Studio is a dream delayed and then fulfilled.  So let me tell you a little about Medicine Park…

As a child I would visit the town occasionally on days spent in the mountains.  Then it was almost a ghost town, but the air was full of the spirit and nostalgia of a by-gone era.

Medicine Park, Oklahoma’s original cobblestone village, built in 1907 and popular resort town in the early 1900’s, has now been revived as a picturesque southwest Oklahoma attraction, located at the entrance to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife refuge.  A variety of shops, restaurants and lodging are housed in vintage cobblestone buildings strung along the banks of historic Medicine Creek.  The town is embraced by a thriving art community, offering visitors both craft and fine art galleries.

Medicine Creek, which flows from Lake Lawtonka through the center of town, was named by the Kiowa, Native Americans who often camped along its bank to enjoy the “good medicine” the water of the creek provided.  The ancient neighboring mountains of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge provide unending excellent sources of artistic inspiration, not to mention the town of Medicine Park itself, waiting to be interpreted by the artist’s hands.

Vagabondartist Studio, as well as offering fine artwork, handmade silk jewelry, photography & graphic arts, also brings to town fun and interesting art experiences, from short introductory workshops and custom art parties to individual art instruction for the serious student. Watching students’ excitement over newly discovered artistic expression is a source of great joy, knowing I am helping them to develop something they will carry inside forever. ~ Leslie Chance

Also offering a poem as a tribute to the awakenings of autumn:

This page, which I have simply titled “words,” is a place for observation and reflection. Visit me soon for more thoughts on the lovely little town of Medicine Park and new plans for art projects and workshops at Vagabondartist Studio, as well as poetry, prose, and artwork.